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5 things to do in Hiroshima!

〜 Peace Tourism 〜

Hiroshima Cycling Peace Tour with Local Guide

From JPY 6,300yen3,150yen

Experience the past and future of Peace City Hiroshima; guided tour

From JPY  19,150yen/group  9,575yen/group 

Explore around The City of Water Hiroshima via SUP; Exclusive Tour

From JPY   7,750yen~  3,875yen~

〜 Miyajima(Itsukushima Shrine) 〜

Discover the essence of Miyajima Island in luxury with a private cruise, the place where the gods reside

From JPY 6,500yen~3,250yen~

Visit World Heritage site Itsukushima Shrine by sea & Oyster raft tour with oyster fishermen

From JPY 2,400yen1,200yen

The oldest temple in Miyajima Feel Japanese spirit throuth hand-copying sutra and Goma-gyo, flame ascetic training

From JPY 8,650yen4,325yen

The oldest temple in Miyajima Zen meditation and Buddest image tracing - concentrate and relax at the temple

From JPY 9,250yen4,625yen

Take a cruise to the World Heritage site Itsukushima Shrine, and indulge in the spectacular view from the sea

From JPY 1,200yen600yen

SUP (stand up paddle board) Tour through the Great Torii gate of the Itsukushima Shrine

From JPY 9,050yen~4,525yen~

Miyajima, a World Heritage Site. Try two Japanese cultural experiences(Kimono Dressing Service Included)

From JPY 5,100yen2,550yen

*Experience in Miyajima, a World Heritage Site!*Try 3 Japanese Cultural Experience (Kimono Dressing Service Included)

From JPY 7,150yen3,575yen

<Approach the great Torii gate of the shrine by ship!> Enjoy an amazing oyster harvest in the early morning

From JPY 2,400yen~1,200yen~

〜 Other 〜

Hiroshima No.1 food!! Okonomiyaki-cooking experience

From JPY 5,100yen2,550yen

Experience the native cross-cultural exchange with local residents : Hiroshima Night Cycling

From JPY 15,500yen7,750yen

Private Japanese Cooking Class, Let's cook Okonomiyaki,a side dish and Miso soup and enjoy with local Sake!

From JPY 4,200yen2,100yen

Hiroshima No.1 food!! Okonomiyaki-cooking experience and a guided-tour around the Okonomiyaki Museum and the Okonomiyaki sauce factory

From JPY 6,950yen3,475yen

Take a guided tour through one of the most iconic islands in the world, and admire the passing scenery by bicycle

From JPY 13,200yen6,600yen

Make a journey to the stunning island range, favored around the world for its beautiful scenery: Rabbit Island, Cycling Tour

From JPY 13,200yen6,600yen

Sea Kayak tour in the stage of Ghibli and Hallywood movie (half-day)

From JPY 7,200yen3,600yen

Sea Kayak tour in the stage of Ghibli and Hallywood movie (1 day)

From JPY 12,000yen6,000yen

〈Matcha and Origami〉Experience Japanese culture and visit Japanese historical garden dressed in kimono

From JPY 6,250yen~3,125yen~

A comprehensive commentary on the traditional Japanese performance art passed down from 1,000 years ago, ‘Hiroshima Kagura’

From JPY 1,000yen500yen

Experience Japanese Culture and Culinary at the Japanese Restaurant with Magnificent Japanese Garden

From JPY 12,000yen~6,000yen~

<used for makeup in Hollywood !> Make a blush applauded around the world (simple version)

From JPY 3,600yen~1,800yen~

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