Discover 5 Elements of "Samurai Spirit" in Himeji

Himeji and its surrounding area still hold lots of historic remains from 400-600 years ago.
Once, the most famous “Himeji Castle” that is Japan’s first World Heritage and National Treasure was a symbol of great Samurai warriors and has been keeping its status until today.

Here we categorized the 11 experiences around the castle town into the 5 elements that were deeply related to the ancient Samurai’s life.
Now you are ready for the trip to meet the real “Samurai Spirit” in Himeji.

侘 Wabi

Find the beauty of imperfection and simplicity in tea ceremony.

禅 Zen

Face yourself and get rid of all distructions by mindfullness meditation.

技 Mastery

Hone your skill and see into the heart of the thing.

装 Attire

Traditional attire that gets you experience the ancient Japan.

食 Local Gourmet

Abundant seafood and a great SAKE brewery show prosperity of the region.